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Sonitrol of Hawaii provides verified solutions with proven success. Based in Honolulu, HI, our security company is focused on keeping your property safe with our high-tech security systems. We have offered our security services to the island of Oahu for more than 25 years. We provide our residential and commercial clients with a wide range of security options customized to meet your needs. These services include access control systems, intercoms, closed circuit television, and live sound burglary detection.

There is not much of a comparison between conventional security systems and Sonitrol security systems.

Conventional systems will:
Activate after the intruder breaks in
Offer coverage from limited entry points
Be difficult to determine between real and false alarms
Call a facility to verify a break-in, then call the homeowner to see if police should be sent
Likely use audible alarms, which alert intruders

Sonitrol security systems feature:
Detection while the intruder is still trying to get entry
Coverage from any point of entry
A documented lower number of false alarms
Operators who confirm with live audio immediately, call police and aid with apprehension
Silent alarms and trained operators who recognize non-threatening noises to determine false alarms

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